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Water Softeners

Don’t Stress Over Hard Water

Active Plumbing provides water softener installation in the Fremont, CA area

Does your hard water wreak havoc on your appliances, skin, clothes and plumbing fixtures? If you let the problem continue, you could end up paying for costly repairs. Active Plumbing and Water Heaters of Fremont, CA can install a water softener in your home.

3 signs you should install a water softener in your home

Not sure if you need a water softener? Here are three signs that you have hard water:

  1. Your appliances have scale buildup. This can form on coffee pots, sinks and within your pipes. Scale buildup can actually clog your pipes and cause expensive problems.
  2. Your hair and skin feels dry to the touch. Hard water can strip your hair and skin of its natural oils. This can result in discomfort, residue and overall dryness.
  3. Your glassware has a white film on it. This can also cause your glassware to break more easily. Preserve your belongings by installing a water softener.